Birds of prey





the signs of your hands speak of the caress my body long for

in my heart I hear yours wisper to the loneliness I feel

like birds of prey hovering over empty fields in my soul

gently moving last years reed in the wind

what's left of me is my dreams

my hopes

for reading every word in your palms

hearing every sigh of your heart

feeling every unity of our merged forms


we would bring harmonies to truth

of our yearningly lust to one another

though all I hear is fear

winds of innuendo to my skin

silent feelings surrounding my being

my emancipation is your prison

outside your cage I hover like a bird of prey

waiting for your escape to our freedom

longing to breath the same air of hankering and joy

you living the same dream in liberation of our bodies and minds

you and I in togetherness

and free




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