Living next door to fear

reflexes of instant fear

the iron hand of death squeezing my heart

the mother inside that hushes my crying inner child

don't be afraid

it's all just memories of an evil past

every time I smell you

I sence you

your ghost takes a nearby body in custody

to remind me of my past

of your power to minimise my being

I try to reach for all that is good

I use my nearly ending force

to reach that last straw of hope and joy

to overcome your chapped hands against my bleeding skin

in the full moon glowing lake

I try to clean every drop of all salty tears I cried

over every fulmination you throw over me

in your attempt of destruction

of what was my joyful soul

will I ever be free

my scars be healed

will I be able of trust

embrace the love I'm given

will your froth of hate ever stop to corrode my heart

let me reconcile with my passionate spirit

be filled with pride of who I am

I don't want you to win this battle

I don't want this war to exist





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