All that is me


I searched for souls that could understand both melancholy and joy.

I found spirits with tones I recognized within.

I gathered strength to reach out and be what I am.

And then they flew away.

I feel sorry for that, I think my soul found the right souls, but I do know fear this time, someone else felt it.

I won't judge, I know it too well. I wish we all felt fearless, but that's not how the world looks like.

And life is a balance when carrying a longing soul. I don't know why I miss you, but I do trust my speaking soul.

So I camouflaged all that was me not to scare you.

Although you drifted away, further out on the waves of feelings till you vanished in the horizon.

I'm left with all my hidden fragments, my true colours, all that I didn't dare to share.

When walking beside the fairies, I feel their giggles move like pearls in the dawn to my heart.

An enchanted melody of secrets of the night.

Dew of the night fell into the water as I filled my lungs with the new day.

Morning breeze vaporized the moist of my lips and carried a kiss for you. Did you feel it?

Emptiness fills me with the trust in my strength.

You'll stay and ignore if I only was annoying.

You'd flew of fear, mayby hidden by self assurment of being the untouchable one for the caress of my poetry. You would only hit the horizon if I felt too near the true you.



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